Companies resp. their parts

We offer to our clients the appraisal of all types of companies eventually their parts. This is a matter, for example, of:

  • production companies
  • business companies
  • mining companies
  • insurance companies and banks
  • leasing companies
  • developer companies
  • department stores, shopping centers
  • hotels, boarding houses and restaurants
  • fuel pumping stations
  • Sewerage plant, municipal waste dumps

Purpose of appraising the companies:

  • sale and purchase
  • appraisal required by the Commercial Code, for example :
    • non-monetary investments
    • appraisal in relation with a public offer of purchase or barter
    • increase of basic capital
    • venal transfers of property between the controlled person and the controlling person etc.
  • appraisal required by the law about the conversion companies and cooperatives
  • appraisal required by the law about takeover offers
  • appraisal required by the law about collective investing
  • appraisal required by the insolvency law
  • appraisal required by the law about appraising property
  • credit proceedings
  • inheritance and donation proceedings
  • tax purposes
  • accounting
  • auction sales and distrainment
  • law suits and arbitrations
  • internal needs of the customer
  • other purposes

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