We offer to our clients the appraisal of all types of property.

Property types:

  • flats
  • non-residential premises
  • family homes
  • apartment buildings including non-residential premises
  • commercial properties (administration buildings, residential-administration buildings, premises…)
  • premises or their parts
  • hotels, boarding houses, restaurants
  • fuel pumping stations
  • Sewerage plant
  • lots
  • and other

Purpose of appraising properties:

  • credit proceedings
  • sale, purchase of property
  • inheritance and donation proceedings
  • non-monetary investments
  • overestimate of properties, that are part of a company’s assets
  • settlement of joint ownership
  • law suits and arbitrations
  • tax purposes
  • auction sales and distrainment
  • appraisals required by the insolvency law
  • other purposes

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